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Frequently asked questions

How do I return or exchange I be? 
In case of return , you must contact the PGM before returning any goods . Return transportation is at your responsibility and at his expense . Not in stock or on order can unfortunately not be returned. Return of dirty and / or use be not accepted.

What do I do if I have received the wrong item ? 
Have you received a wrong item sent to you or if the product is not in the expected order , please contact our customer service at or phone 08-50162100 .

A product is out of stock at you - Will it in again and when? 
To know more precisely when an item is back stock again , contact customer service. You can order products not in stock . These are added as a backorder and shipped when they come back on the shelf .

Has my order been processed? 
If you are unsure that your order has gone through , there are several ways to control this.
1. When the order was placed , you should have received a page with the heading " Your order " .
2. 2. An order confirmation will be sent to your specified email address .
3. 3. You can view your order under "My Account " when you are logged in.

Can I change the delivery address after your order has been placed ? 
If we have not had time to ship your order, we always do our best to change the address . Send an email to our Customer and type " Error shipping address " in the subject line. Then write your order number and the correct address in the email we will confirm your change when it is made.

Can I add / change items on my order already made ? 
If we have not had time to ship your order, we will do our best to adjust your order. After an order is approved , we can not add more products in the same purchase.

When will my order ? 
All orders received by us before 16:00 one working shipped the same day your warehouse for packing (prerequisite is that the goods are in stock ) . In Sweden , it takes 1-3 business days. For non- stocked products or ordering products delivery time is about 7-10 business days.

I forgot my password , what do I do ?
If you forgot your password, it is easy to get a new one . Just click on the " My Account " at the top right corner of the homepage and then " Login". You will see the text "Forgot Password" . Click on the text and fill in your email address . A new password will be sent to your email instantly!

How do I get my own account?
It's really easy! Just click on the " My Account " at the top right corner of the homepage and then " Register" and fill in the required information.
Do not see the link " Register" ? Then it may be that it is turned off in your web store. Contact Customer Service for more information.

How much are the shipping costs ?
Shipment is governed by the weight of the shopping and the number of parcels. We ship with Posten DPD Business 16.00 .
The shipping fee is billed along with your ordered goods

Dimensions and weight: length 1.5 m, width 0.7 m, height 1.15 m . Parcels longer than 1.2 m , a fee of 116 SEK excl . VAT .
Shipping calculated with 280kg / m³.
All prices are excl. VAT .
Addressing to the PO Box address additional fee 50 SEK .

Below shows the freight rates per package:

102 SEK
118 SEK
144 SEK
169 SEK
186 SEK
206 SEK
220 SEK
234 SEK
249 SEK
1283 SEK
1026 SEK

* Verklig eller volymberäknad vikt. 

* Actual weight or weight calculated by volume .